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[Wooden Product] Chopsticks Box Aka-Urushi

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[Wooden Product] Chopsticks Box Aka-Urushi
[Wooden Product] Chopsticks Box Aka-Urushi
[Wooden Product] Chopsticks Box Aka-Urushi
[Wooden Product] Chopsticks Box Aka-Urushi
[Wooden Product] Chopsticks Box Aka-Urushi

[Wooden Product] Chopsticks Box Aka-Urushi

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Item # GMS-G1133-12148

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Made in Japan


Dimension: 252mm x 28mm x 22mm / about 10in x 1.25in x 1in

Material: wood

Color: red

Chopsticks not included


Aka-Fukiurushi chopsticks box is for portable chopsticks with beautiful wood grains using Japanese ash, type of wood used for tableware and lacquerware and popular for its rich wood grain and durability. The red finish of Aka-Fukiurushi is a deep red with orangish brown tint as though looking down in a poured glass of fine red wine.

**Matching bento lunch box sold separately.

**Matching chopsticks sold separately.


Ecology-conscious people have started a trend called gmy hashi (hashi means chopsticks)h; people carry around their own chopsticks for personal use in restaurants and eateries to save disposable wood chopsticks from being used or extra chopsticks to be washed. Some restaurants give discounts to those with gmy hashih. For the purpose of carrying gmy hashih around hygienically, chopstick case is a must. These chopsticks case often reflect the ownerfs personality and style like watches and other pieces of accessory.

Japanese Wood Product

Beautiful natural wood material has a mind of its own. Work of craftsman from Yamanaka area is to respect it and to recreate them. The grains deserve to be openly displayed because they are so exquisite; only appealing grains can go without too much finish on them since every bit of grain will be visible.

The wooden product is strictly made using concentric technique on a wood turner. Here, wood used has vertically running grains unlike those from other regions of Japan which uses wood grains running horizontally. The grains are running in the direction of wood-rings- indication of the finished product having more durability and less warping compared to other wood products produced using horizontally running grains.

There are three key elements to this refined woodenware; vertical grains, thinly shaved thickness, and decorative lines called sensuji or gthousands of linesh. The beauty of the woodenware is based on traditional Japanese aesthetic conscience and wood-crafting technique to fabricate the ideal woodenware- minimal, universally beautiful, long life daily tableware.

Note: *Using all natural material and handmade, each product has its own unique appearance. Delivered product may not be exactly per images on the website.


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