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[Gardening Scissors] Ueki-basami

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[Gardening Scissors] Ueki-basami
[Gardening Scissors] Ueki-basami
[Gardening Scissors] Ueki-basami
[Gardening Scissors] Ueki-basami
[Gardening Scissors] Ueki-basami
[Gardening Scissors] Ueki-basami
[Gardening Scissors] Ueki-basami

[Gardening Scissors] Ueki-basami

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Item # KMS-1-005

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Made in Japan


Scissors for plants

Design: Sasuke

Overall: 210mm / Blade: 70mm (Overall: about 8.5in / Blade: about 2.75in)

Yasuki Aogami Steel

For right hand use


This scissors is most typical and popular gardening scissors, often used for plants with diameter of 1cm (about 0.5in). The shape of the scissors accounts for when it cuts plants so that the branch or stem is not damaged by being pinched in between. Its characteristic is that it does not have springs, allowing to be used for a long period at a time. Yasuki Aogami Steel is known as a very fine steel as the upgraded version of Yasuki Shirokami Steel, wear resistant; therefore, its blade lasts a long time. The decent weight of the scissors is for a clean cut when snipping. Easy maintenance.


The scissors is from Osaka, Japan, where it is known for Sakai-uchihamono. Sakai-uchihamono is a type of blade which developed in the Osaka cultural area, called Sakai-Kiwami (;=ultimate, zenith, acme) by the Edo Government (Edo Era: 1603-1867) and spread throughout Japan. It is now designated as Japanese Traditional Craft by METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry).

Kamoshita, the manufacturer, is dedicated blade manufacturer for top quality kitchen knives and scissors for bonsai and gardening.

Japanese has always been fond of garden and green. Taking care of it brings tranquility and discipline to the mind. Luxurious Japanese garden does not always have to be the typical natural-stone-and-koi pond as it is a reflection of onefs soul. A single bonsai, plant, or flower is garden itself. The scissor, made from tradition and craftsmanship succeeded over many centuries, will guide the way as your partner to create your personal garden.


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