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[Marquetry] Fuji in Clear Weather Red Mt. Fuji (Medium)

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[Marquetry] Fuji in Clear Weather Red Mt. Fuji (Medium)
[Marquetry] Fuji in Clear Weather Red Mt. Fuji (Medium)
[Marquetry] Fuji in Clear Weather Red Mt. Fuji (Medium)
[Marquetry] Fuji in Clear Weather Red Mt. Fuji (Medium)
[Marquetry] Fuji in Clear Weather Red Mt. Fuji (Medium)
[Marquetry] Fuji in Clear Weather Red Mt. Fuji (Medium)

[Marquetry] Fuji in Clear Weather Red Mt. Fuji (Medium)

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Made in Japan


Material: wood

Size (H x W): Artwork 285mm x 285mm / 11.25in x 11.25in, Frame 460mm ~ 460mm / 18.25in x 18.25in

Weight: 1700g / 3.75lb

Handling: Wipe with a soft, dry cloth to clean. Refrain from using the following: scrubbing brush (such as scouring powder), microwave oven, oven and dishwasher. Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature, high humidity, water and placement near fire.

Note: *Using all natural material and handmade, each product has its own unique appearance. Delivered product may not be exactly per images on the website.

**Handling manual in Japanese will be included in your delivery. Please read the "Handling Manual" below for its English translation and follow accordingly.


A piece inspired from famous woodblock print artist Hokusai Katsushika's "Fuji in Clear Weather", also known as "Red Mt. Fuji" in Japan. This marquetry does not fail to use red colored wood for Mt. Fuji to follow the artist's original intent in the woodblock print. The wood grains expresses strength of boldly standing Mt. Fuji.


Marquetry, or mokuzougan, is exquisitely created inlaid woodwork, made by careful selection and setting of patterned designs, contrived entirely from natural colored wood. No ink or dye are utilized to create any of the colors for each of the pieces of wood. Highly skilled craftsmen combine the natural colors and grains of wood to create harmonious piece of artwork. One marquetry, depending on its size and intricacy, can take up to 3 months to create.

These extraordinary technique has developed especially in Hatajuku District in Hakone Area dating back to the Edo Period (1603- 1868). Presently, such work cannot be found outside this area. This extensive form of traditional handicraft can only be seen in Odawara District and Hakone Area.


1. Install on a wall that can bear the weight of the artwork/frame.

For thin board and plaster board wall, make sure the hook reaches the column behind the finishes.

2. Use a hook for hanging artwork.

When hanging the artwork from a wall, do not use tacks, nails, or the like, but instead use a designated hook for hanging artwork. Follow the instructions of the hook to be sure the hook can bear the weight of the artwork. For large artwork, consulting an artwork consultant is recommended.

3. Be careful of glass.

Many frames have glass. When glass chips or breaks, it may lead to scratches on the artwork. Please be extra careful when handling.

4. Inspect the hanging string.

When using the same hanging string over a long period of time, it may snap due to deterioration. Inspection of hanging string/wire/loosening of hanging ironmongery and ironmongery securing the back board should be conducted for any deterioration. If any abnormalities are found, it should be replaced. Inspection at least once a year is recommended.

5. Be careful of corners.

Physical contact with corners of artwork may lead to injuries or damages on clothes. Refrain from hanging the artwork where unintentional physical contact is anticipated.

6. Do not place valuables under the artwork.

It is possible for the artwork to suddenly fall without warning. It is recommended not to place valuables, furniture, pottery, etc. underneath the artwork.


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