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[Lacquerware] Flower Vase Hanaike (the Rimpa school)

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Item # YHD-62-603

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Made in Japan

This is a flower vase represents the RIMPA school that originated from Momoyama period (1568-1600). Fujin (God of wind), Raijin (God of thunder), plants and scenery are drawn gorgeously with gold leaf and silver foil.

The Rimpa school has a feature that items are drawn in bold and vivid composition that fascinates people at a glance.

A fan, which is believe to be an incarnation of fortune is also drawn gorgeously with gold leaf and silver foil.

  • Size : φ 8.27 inches × Width 2.36 inches × Height 7.09 inches
  • Size : φ 21.0 cm × W 6.0 cm × H 18.0 cm
  • Specifications : natural wood / lacquering

<Heiando Brand Lacquer>

Heiando's lacquerware reflects time. As the company was first established in Tokyo with hopes of the people of Tokyo to become accustomed to sophisticated lacquerware uncommon in Tokyo at the time, their wish is for the younger generations to be accustomed to lacquerware and to present a new lifestyle through lacquerware. 

The company may not have such long history compared to other lacquerware companies from well-known lacquerware producing region, but their traditional technique and quality is proven as top class. Their lacquerware has been procured by the Imperial Household Agency.  

As porcelain is called “china”, lacquer tableware is recently known as “Japan”; the color of red and black color of lacquer naturally triggers a Japanese feel. Lacquerware is known to be stronger than porcelain and can be used for a long time. Beauty of lacquer is in its wood work and lacquer coloring; glossiness of lacquer is deepened the longer it is used. Lacquerware may be perceived as traditional piece of artwork, but it is effortlessly timeless. 

sCare of Lacquerwaret

  • Wash in warm water with a soft cloth and rinse well.
  • Avoid direct sunlight.
  • Never put your lacquerware in a microwave oven or a dishwasher.
  • Keep away from stoves or heaters, and avoid excessive dryness and humidity.
  • Do not stack on top of other lacquer products.
  • Wipe off finger prints.
  • To restore luster, polish with a soft dry cloth, and if necessary, apply a few drops of vegetable oil.


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