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[Edokiriko Glassware] Futa-Choko

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[Edokiriko Glassware] Futa-Choko

[Edokiriko Glassware] Futa-Choko "Double-flowered Cherry Tree"

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Item # HTG-FC-01-420019

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Made in Japan


By a technique of Edo-Kiriko’s (Edo-Glassworks) skilled craftsman, the patterns are placed on the surface of the cup only from an aesthetic perspective. It is filled with pattern of light to the bottom. It shows various & unique refractions depending on the angle. At the window side, under the light, you can see it innocently without really getting tired. A cover of the dish-shape covers a cup intentionally loosely. A cover also is full of patterns. This is suitable for those who love collections of glassworks. You can also enjoy cuisine & alcohol with this.

Glass : φ 2.83 inches (7.2cm) × Height 2.60 inches (6.6cm)
Cover : φ 3.31 inches (8.4cm) × Height 0.67 inches (1.7cm)


Edo-kiriko is a type of cut glass that developed in the Edo area (now Tokyo) in the Edo Era (1603-1867) and now designated as Japanese Traditional Craft by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. Although Edo-kiriko was first created by copying cut glass imported from England, ages and ages of disciplined work of craftsmen improved the art of Japanese cut glass. Before cutting glass, craftsmen do no mark the patterns; detailed and thin lines can be cut from years of experience and inherited craftsmanship since they can barely see what they are cutting through translucent colored glass. Skillfully cut glass can be enjoyed also by shining light on them; myriads of colored rays will create a whole new atmosphere on the tabletop. 


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