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[Wooden Product] KARMI Sumi

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[Wooden Product] KARMI Sumi

[Wooden Product] KARMI Sumi "Toku" Tea Canister for 3.53oz.(100grams) of Green Tea Leaves

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Item # GMS-G1104-18079

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Made in Japan

To enjoy the taste of teas, it is recommended to be stored in tea pot for some reasons.

First, it needs to be stored at the cold and dark place even it is unopened.

Secondly, by storing in the tea pot, it shuts out the oxygen and prevents the sun lights. In addition, the slender form helps its areas to be exposed to air less. To keep and enjoy the freshness of teas, tea pot is the way for storage. 

There are so many kinds of tea pots for storages. However, you may want to enjoy the tea pot as an interior in addition to its capabilities. The tea pot, called Karumi, is well designed with the aspects of Haiku, Japanese seventeen-syllable poem, adherences by Basho Matsuo, one of the Japanese poets. Karumi is the philosophy of Haiku, meaning to capture the flow smoothly. This tea pot does not have to be for Japanese teas. You can enjoy the tea time with the taste and its design.

φ 3.35 × 4.53inches Cherry Birch/Urethane
φ 85 × 115mm Cherry Birch/Urethane

Japanese Wood Product

Beautiful natural wood material has a mind of its own. Work of craftsman from Yamanaka area is to respect it and to recreate them. The grains deserve to be openly displayed because they are so exquisite; only appealing grains can go without too much finish on them since every bit of grain will be visible.

The wooden product is strictly made using concentric technique on a wood turner. Here, wood used has vertically running grains unlike those from other regions of Japan which uses.


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