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[Kutani Porcelain] 5

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[Kutani Porcelain] 5
[Kutani Porcelain] 5
[Kutani Porcelain] 5
[Kutani Porcelain] 5
[Kutani Porcelain] 5

[Kutani Porcelain] 5" PLATE "BLUE BOTAN"

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Item # KSK-MC-503

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Made in Japan

Size: φ5.90 inches (15.0cm) × Height 0.79 inches (2.0cm)

Uniqueness of Kutaniyaki is gosu and gosai: lines are drawn using gosu, or blue lines, and thickly glazed using gosai which are red, yellow, green, purple and dark blue. Gorgeous Kutaniyaki is completed by using traditional design and technique, harmony of gosu and gosai. Originally, the porcelain stone from this area enabled porcelain to have transparent-feel rather than a white appearance so the glaze applied on to it looked more vivacious than porcelain from other areas. By understanding meanings of a small detail or each of the designfs characteristic, selecting Kutaniyaki will become more enjoyable. Designs on them are not just for decoration; patterns and designs have meanings to them. Kutaniyaki continues to attract people because of its traditional vivid colors and composition of design.


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