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Message from CEO Minako Matsui

Hello, Valued Customer, Thank you for clicking this page! I am Minako Matsui, CEO of Japan Marche and would like to share my thoughts on Japan Marche.

Message from CEO Minako Matsui


Products at Japan Marche is produced by takumi, or skilled craftsman/artisan with technique, years of experience and composed self-control. Only having exquisite material is like sitting on a gold mine; right craftsmanship can only do it justice. Japan Marche is keen on bringing their assured quality and products to light. I must say they are not cheap; however, if you learn about the history/background, the fine quality material, and disciplined craftsmanship, they all feel reasonable. The more you use them, the more you become attached and appreciative. You naturally start caring for them so it has a long period of use. What used to be an “object” becomes a part of your daily life, your signature item, a part of you.

A cup of Japanese tea changed my perspective on "made in Japan" objects I was so used to using every day. My paternal grandmother and my mother were both certified Japanese tea ceremony masters so being surrounded in Japanese tradition was like breathing air. There was a beautiful cup and a vase along with great tea in a small room for the ceremony which I did appreciate… or thought I appreciated.



The wakeup call came suddenly. It was another normal day that changed me—peaceful bliss warmed my body when picking up a handmade Japanese tea cup by a craftsman, sipping fresh green tea in an ambient small room with a seasonal flower hanging on a wall in a colorful yet subtle small porcelain vase. Yes, the cup and vase were aged valuables but what made them so special is that the ceremony master personally carries out maintenance and cared for them after leaving the hands of a craftsman who put his heart into making it. I understood that it takes quality material, superb technique of craftsman/artisan, and heart of the owner to make an object “valuable”. I knew I had to share this delight with the world. This feeling became my drive to found Japan Marche.

Japan Marche’s mission

Japan Marche’s mission is to introduce the value and quality of “made in Japan” by Japanese craftsman/artisans to the world and for everyone to love what they come to own. It is my sincere wish for everyone to live better with Japanese traditional and practical pieces.

Career History of CEO Minako Matsui

After dedicating her career as PR events manager at internationally renowned companies--Estee Lauder, Cartier, Swarovski--, she founded Salon de Marly, a parent-child event planning company. She then founded Japan Marche in 2014 with great hopes to introduce the marvelous made-in-Japan quality and value to foreign countries.

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